Baltic Wharf Factsheet

Plans for Baltic Wharf being developed by Acorn Property Group have now been published following a second public consultation event on Friday 9th June and can be seen here:

Baltic Wharf received planning permission in 2012 for a mixed use development including a public plaza and riverside walk along with 5 hectares of green fields; new commercial space totalling 3,820m2; up to 11,000 m2 boat storage; a Retirement Village; and 190 residential dwellings required to provide the funds for the whole development.

Over the last 16 years, despite significant efforts, it has not been possible to find a suitable operator for the Retirement Village and it is with regret this part of the scheme has had to be abandoned while still hoping to secure a Care Home operator for the site.

Currently there are 7 businesses including the boatyard employing a total of approx. 20 staff on the site. The current owners of the site have managed to maintain boat numbers successfully and fill the employment space available but have had no approaches from any marine or other company for additional space over the last 16 years of ownership.

The new plans include :

  • Modern purpose-built marine workshops with boat storage of 9685sqm
  • 4218sqm employment space with potential for 300 jobs
  • A Care Home
  • 195 dwellings
  • Public square and riverside walk with access to 5 hectares of hillside space;

Concerns about the potential future of the boatyard have been addressed in the latest plans which create a modern and viable boatyard:

  • Modern marine workshops, designed to the brief of the existing tenants and with scope for more marine businesses
  • Avoid the massive and highly disruptive “cut and fill” exercise on the hillside behind the boatyard envisaged in the original plan
  • Accommodates almost the same number of actively used boats as now (at present there is significant space occupied by the non-active boats which are not used by their owners and these boats will no longer be accommodated).

The scheme will be phased over a number of years with the boatyard plans implemented first to minimise disruption. It is planned to keep the boatyard working without interruption for the duration of the scheme.

The site plans are being finalised now and are due to be submitted for planning approval in the next few weeks.

Further notes

Baltic Wharf is owned by TQ9 Partnership LLP comprising 3 local families. They have a joint venture agreement with Acorn.

Acorn is a bespoke development company with significant experience of local brownfield developments.

Enquiries to: Steve Mittler TQ9 Partnership